ThirdRail 2021 Reflections

Interview by T.K. Mills - Images Provided by ThirdRail Art

ThirdRail 2021 Reflections
As the year comes to close, we here at ThirdRail want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. Even with the ups and downs, and the ever-looming uncertainty of the future, we’re proud to be part of a community of creatives that continues to shine even during the darkest days.
Here's a look back at some of the projects we worked on this year!
 Dirk Art NYC
11:11 Synchronicity
One of the major highlights of 2021 was our pop-up show, 11:11 Synchronicity, a joint exhibition by Konstance Patton and LeCrue Eyebrows, hosted at One Art Space in TriBeCa. The week-long event was a major success, and we’re grateful to everyone who visited to view the art and collect our limited-edition merch! If you missed the event some items are still available. You can find them in our shop, and you can read more about the star artists below!

Konstance Patton: Doing the Work


On Identity & Originality: The Origins of LeCrue Eyebrows


The Akumal Arts Festival
We have been one of the main sponsors of AAF since 2019 and we are so happy that the community of Akumal Village has come around from the hardships of the lockdown and that the 2022 festival will take place as planned January 29th-30th 2022. AAF is becoming one of the largest mural festivals in North America and the best part is that its focus is in improving the lifestyle of the community with special attention to the children. The local Hekab Be library, founded by AAF and dedicated to art classes for the children has recently gone through major renovations and has become a vital hub of the local community. Furthermore, funding is now in place for the creation of a water park in the village, centered around a beautiful play-fountain that will give children relief from the hot days of summer. AAF is a case study on how the right mix of art, entertainment and social consciousness can improve the surrounding communities.

Hekab Be - Library - Akumal

Hekab Be Library Akumal

SoHo Renaissance Factory
This year we worked closely with the SoHo Renaissance Factory, led by Konstance Patton. Rising from the chaos of 2020, the group has grown into a diverse roster of incredibly talented artists. The SRF team produced custom shirts, jackets, and even rugs with ThirdRailArt, blending art and avant-garde style. Read the articles linked below to learn more about the members and their mission!

Konstance Patton: Doing the Work

Konstance Patton at the Great Wall of Savas

Konstance Patton's Be A Lover Festival

Be a Lover Fest

Warrior Deity: Sule


Neo-Savage: Amir Diop

 Amir Diop

The Vibrant Art of Calicho


Manuel Alejandro Pulla: Courage of the Creator (Coming Soon)
Vintage Painted Jackets & Sustainability
Beyond serving as a platform for new and rising artistic voices, ThirdRail aims to promote a culture of greater environmental consciousness and sustainability. With sustainability in mind, this year we were excited to debut our Vintage Jacket series, which married high fashion fabric with custom art designs. Several of our news articles focused on creatives putting their talents in service to Mother Earth, which you can read below!

Custom Painted Vintage Fashion

Luke Rudman: Reimagining Plastic Waste

Ksenia Salion: A VR Journey into the Ocean

Greenpoint Innovations: Visualizing a Better Future

Timberwolf: An Upcycled Symbol of Community

Walk the Wall with Us
Beyond our main projects, we also had the pleasure of working and interviewing with artists from around the world, from Brooklyn to Paris, Puerto Rico to Tulum, Miami to even the digital frontier of NFTs. Our mission is to use the world’s walls as a medium of communication and creativity.

Knowledge & Knowing: Isabelle Ewing

The Beauty of Vandalism: Sinclair the Vandal

La Borinqueña: Exploring Puerto Rico and Art with Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez


Superchief Gallery NFT: Diving into the Crypto Craze

Jason Naylor: Living Life Colorfully

Emma Rubens: Tulum & TINASAH

Urban Russian Doll: Why Wait? Love Now. 

About ThirdRail Art’s Mission
Historically walls have stood in iconic locations around the world as monuments to division. Street artists, on the other hand, have used these very same walls to communicate their message to all people regardless of what side they inhabit. It is in that dichotomy that ThirdRail Art was born.
ThirdRail Art is the digital manifestation of this medium. A wall that serves as a platform for emerging artists rather than a physical boundary. A wall that invites visitors, rather than turning them away. A wall that connects, rather than separates. A universal language, seen rather than spoken.

The marriage between these ideologies is evident in our social initiatives. Using actual walls to connect communities in the real world via the creative process. Both international and local, our real-life walls are both canvas and device for change. Beauty that illuminates those left in the dark under the shadows of those walls.
But how do we carry these messages beyond walls? Well, that’s where you come in. In support of our mission, our robust community of artists offers designs on limited-edition, vintage garments so that you can personally carry their ideas into the world. In the end, the wall is not a boundary, but a line that’s connects us all.
Walk the Wall with Us.

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