Erin Ko

Erin Ko’s interactive art plays with Mediated Reality, Collective Consciousness and Layered
Experiences. Voyeurs are invited to engage via their smartphones or more traditionally (with their
eyes); their experience altered by the amount of technology they’ve invited into their lives.

Are We There yet Are We There Yet

Future and ancient, natural and artificial, seductive and scary; our strange and modern lives are
driven by juxtaposition and synthesis. To live in the ‘now’ is to live in a strange and surreal state of
being. Reality has subsumed fantasy, life imitates art and vice-versa with a whole new level of
intensity; together we ride this roller coaster feedback loop.


Flow 2


The collective consciousness steadily
strives towards deus-ex-machina; we are made connected but separate by our technology.


There is no such thing as science fiction; all our stories, dreams, beliefs are simultaneously true and entirely delusional.”

Life on Mars 1

  Life on Mars

The astronaut is a bittersweet figure; for most of history human beings have
gone outwards, searching for answers. Now we go inwards instead. We are
all connected but separate , searching the void, increasingly dependent on
technology to lead us through the darkness.

Icarus One Icarus

 The Astronauts in this series practice mudras (sacred hand gestures),
mirroring our attempts at connecting with something bigger than ourselves.


The nature of tech is to always change, and quickly; it is an impermanent
medium. In Ko’s work, the physical piece is the constant, the interactive
component an open question. Most recently, eKo has put her work in the
streets of New York and Mexico in the form of pastes and murals.

  Find your Way Savas
Find Your Way

  AR Exp

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