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'Hekab Be' (Open Road in Mayan) is a community library entirely funded by donations that provides the children of Akumal with after school classes.

Hekab Be

Serving as a tool for educational, social and economic progress, the library  provides individuals and families with resources for scholastic advancement, helping improve people’s language and literacy skills, while promoting cultural preservation and awakening the desire to understand other customs and ways of thinking.

Hekab Be 2

The library offers classes in English, Music, Art, Mayan Culture and Language, Environmental Education, and Organic Gardening, as well as Homework Help. The local children can also attend a free summer program.

Hekab Be 3

During the Akumal Arts Festival, the guest artists run workshops all around the village engaging children of all ages from the local public schools. This is a great example of art being used for healing and improving social conditions

Hekab Be 4

The library is now in dire need of structural improvements to the aging buildings and the barely working restrooms. Thirdrail Art, already one of the main sponsors of the Akumal Arts Festival, in collaboration with the international group of the festival's artists, has decided to help further by donating a sum of money for the restoration each time a mural is painted on The Great Wall of Savas in NYC. The artists have also agreed to donate a design to produce a line of t-shirts to be sold on our website. Revenues of the sales, excluding minor costs as shipping, will be also sent to Akumal to cover the costs of the works. We will document the progress made at Hekab Be here and on our social media platforms.